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Belgotex – Select, Corleone, 2m Wide

$129.00 $89.00

3m Wide now only $89 Lineal Metre, was $129 Lineal Metre

Irvine Flooring – Select, Corleone, 3m Wide – In Stock Now!

A classic range of tile and granite designs to create a crisp, clean and contemporary feel in your home. You’ll be able to stand back and enjoy this great looking vinyl flooring! This vinyl is slip resistant, available in 2m Wide and is easy to keep dust and alltergen-free.

Construction Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
Width (m) 3.0m
Total Thickness (mm) 1.70mm
Fire Rating Bfl-S1 (EN 13501)
Product Residential Sheet Vinyl
Usage Rating Class 22 Domestic Medium
Warranty Residential Warranty – 5 Year
*All prices are in Lineal Metres