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Robert Malcolm – Zenith, Roan, End of Roll, 2.9m x 3m

$260.00 $130.00

End of Roll – 2.9m by 3m Wide, now only $130 for the whole piece!

Robert Malcolm – Zenith Roan, 3m Wide – In Stock Now!

A striking range of vinyl with modern timbers, clean cut tiles and trending over all designs that will look good in any home. The vinyl is easy to clean and is available in 3m wide. Simply put, this is a lovely vinyl and you will love the change it brings to your home.

Construction: Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl
European Classification: 22
Total Thickness: 1.70 mm
Wearlayer: 0.20 mm
Width: 3 m
Slip Resistance: R10
Warranty: 5 years

*All prices are in Lineal Metres