How to find the best carpet to meet your needs

The selection of carpets we offer here at Giles comes wide and varied, with something to meet every kind of residential or business requirement. Working out what carpet will be best for you can be daunting when considering all the different types and styles of carpet available. Common considerations begin with what sort of space you are going to carpet and what sort of foot-traffic the area would expect, so we can ascertain what will suit your space best.

Next to consider is colour choice, keeping in mind the size of the area to be carpeted and the effects colour will have on the space, for example, dark colours may make a small room look smaller.

Finally, one must consider your budget and pricing options. The Giles team can assist you here when making the right choice for you and your budget and can often times provide you with an estimated price on the spot (we can come to you for a free measure and fixed price quote). 

These are the most common carpet-types available to choose from:

Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is a natural insulator, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Because of wool’s natural inbuilt crimp, air is retained in millions of tiny pockets which provide an insulating effect, thus creating a comfortable environment.

Wool carpet is ideal for allergy and asthma suffers as it does not promote the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.  Wool fibre also deters the growth of dust mites – the most common single cause of asthma.

As a natural resource, wool fibre is biodegradable. When wool fibre is disposed of, it will naturally decompose in soil in a matter of months or years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.


Wool Blend Carpet

Wool blend carpets offer better wear and cleanability while allowing the buyer to have a quality, warm flooring that is more durable and easier to clean than pure wool.

Blends usually sit around the 80% wool – 20% synthetic ratio, and more moderns variations include Axminster carpets.  These types of carpets offer the above benefits while also being a popular choice to brighten up any room.

Blend carpets are great for heavy foot-traffic areas such as entry-ways and hallways as they are easier to clean and have better fade resistance, compared to Pure Wool options.

Solution Dyed Nylon

By far our most popular choice, Solution Dyed Nylon offers superior colourfastness and excellent colour retention. Available in a variety of weights and shades to suit most purposes, from high-density foot traffic areas to quiet residential spaces. It’s also fade resistant, stain resistant and most Solution Dyed Nylon carpets have Extra Heavy Duty or Medium Duty Commercial ratings.

Many commercial builds nowadays go for Solution Dyed Nylon carpets for their super-hard wearing tolerance and their fade and stain resistance.

It’s also perfect for busy homes and families and both investment or rental properties.


Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpeting is a synthetic fibre option that provides better stain resistance than wool carpet or other natural fibre alternatives, and has the added benefit of providing a soft and lustrous texture and feel.

Polyester carpets provide great value for money when wanting a carpet that feels amazing and looks great, however can eventually flatten down due to heavy traffic, or retain imprints when covered by furniture or a heavy area rug for a period of time.

Come on in or contact us to talk about your carpeting needs today.


Triexta is a relatively environmentally friendly flooring made partially from corn-sugars rather than petroleum by-products.

Triexta is generally very soft to touch, and comes in a vast range of colours and patterns.

Pets play a big role in our daily lives, one of the biggest considerations for pet-owners is finding the right flooring. With built-in stain resistance to protect against pet mishaps, Triexta carpets are ideal for homes with pets.

If you are looking for a particular bright coloured carpet, the range of Triexta’s that are offered by Godfrey Hirst could be just the ticket.

Pop in store to see us and our range of colours in various thicknesses today.


Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles can transform any dull, neglected or disused areas into a vibrant, modern usable space.

Carpet Tiles are the ultimate in commercial flooring, they not only transform spaces with unique design flexibility and pops of colour but also if damaged, replacing the damaged tile is simple and cost effective – simply lift up the damaged Carpet Tile and replace with a new one.

Modular products like carpet tiles and carpet planks have been the preferred choice in commercial spaces for decades. With versatile design and size options, such as a classic square carpet tile to a more on trend carpet plank, this commercial flooring solution truly allows for limitless design and colour options, unique to your project.

Polypropylene Carpet

This type of carpeting is a cheap and easy option for re-flooring spaces on a budget. Suitable for low to medium foot-traffic spaces, it’s relatively stain resistant and is bleach-resistant.

Like solution-dyed nylon carpet, it offers superior stain resistance as it’s colour is added to the initial liquid form before extrusion so colour can’t be bleached out.

Polypropylene does have the tendency to ‘crush’ under furniture feet and doesn’t recover quickly but with a good brush and regular vacuuming, it will stay looking new.

It’s easy on the pocket and is the perfect choice of flooring for use in spaces that don’t have heavy foot-traffic.

Talk to us about whether we think it will suit your home.

Giles-Carpets-Auckland-polypropylene carpet-
Lineal VS Square Metre 2

Carpet by the metre – an explanation

Carpet is sold by all our suppliers and by us in Lineal Metres (otherwise referred to as a Broadloom Metre or Carpet Metre).

Carpet will only be made in 3.66 metres wide, (12 foot) or in some instances, four metres wide.

We’ve been supplying Kiwis with quality product and service for over 41-years now and today we have 2 generations of Giles family members holding the fort and delivering you quality product and service.

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