Jacobsen – Carpet Tiles, Desso Collection

Jacobsen are the New Zealand distributors for Shaw Carpet Tiles, which are heavy duty commercial grade carpet.  This makes them suitable for offices, schools, hospitality and public spaces such as libraries, churches, museums, community centres and auditoriums.

Warranty: 10 years
Lead time: In stock
100% SDN (Solution Dyed Nylon)
Heavy duty commercial
Probase backing
Size: 500x500mm

Desso are a European based company, now owned by Tarkett. Their aim is to make carpet tiles that have the right colour, texture and design to form the exact atmosphere you’re looking for, whether that’s an office, a school, a healthcare facility or any other commercial premises.

  • Creativity and functionality are two of Desso’s pillars, with a particularly strong belief in the power of design to have a major impact on indoor health.
  • Achieves a minimum of 7.6 kW/m2 in Critical Radiant Flux fire test
  • Achieves GreenTag Level A GreenRate